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Revolution Pro

Hydrating Primer Serum

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Makeup That Does More.

Banish unwanted shine whilst keeping your skin hydrated with our Revolution Pro Hydra Matte Primer. Infused with collagen and antioxidants, this all-in-one serum and primer will help to plump the appearance of your complexion, whilst protecting and prepping the skin for flawless makeup application. Apply 1-2 pumps with your fingers after skincare and allow to fully dry before makeup application. Looking for the ultimate matte finish? Why not finish your makeup look with our Revolution PRO Hydra Matte Translucent Setting Powder.


We strive to bring our customers the latest ingredients, technology and formulations at an affordable price. We want to break down barriers that stop people from enjoying beauty – be that price, shade range or accessibility.
We will always strive to do more #progressnotperfection.

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