JUST ENCASE™ | Blend & Defend Trio| Beautyblender®

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A trio of beautyblender essentials to blend, cleanse and protect.

Mastering the perfect blend every time has never been so easy with beautyblender’s trio set. Get an airbrushed finish with the limited-edition beautyblender Topaz, made with the exclusive beautyblender foam; keep it clean and make it last with the limited-edition emerald hue Blendercleanser; and protect it the shatterproof silicone Blender Defender case. Easy!

Set Includes:

  • Blender: An aqua blue makeup blending sponge.
  • Defender: A protective container for your beautyblender.
  • Emerald Cleanser: A blue hued cleanser for cleaning makeup sponges and brushes.
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